How to Build the Ideal Skateboard

For anyone who loves skating, being able to build the ideal skateboard is a dream. Nothing compares to using a board that looks good and performs well.  Now that several brands sell complete and assembled skateboards, not a lot of skaters may know what to do in order to build one of their own.

Lucky for you, we made this short guide you can use to build the ideal skateboard. With this and a little bit of discipline, you’ll be the proud owner of an amazing board that can take you on both a smooth cruise and extreme stunt exhibitions.

First, get all the parts and tools you need.

It is important to have everything you need within reach before you start this project. Doing so will save you time and prevent you from feeling frustrated. It can be annoying when you realize you need to go back to the store just because you have a missing part.

These are the most important things you need:

  • Skateboard deck
  • Grip Tape
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Razor blade

Make sure your deck and wheels have the right sizes and designs that you like. Wider decks are perfect for performing stunts. Bigger wheels give you more speed and are great for cruising.

When you have everything, start by installing the grip tape.

You only do this step if you don’t want the store to do it for you. Cut the grip tape into the right size and slowly stick it onto the board. To make sure you don’t have air bubbles, start by peeling off the edge of the grip tape, stick it onto the deck, and flatten it with your hand while continuing to peel with the other.

Then, attach the trucks to the deck.

You need to install two trucks, the one in front and the one at the back. Locate the holes on the board and securely attach the trucks to the deck with the use of your nuts and bolts. Double check and see that they are facing each other and that they are tightly attached to the deck. You wouldn’t want to lose your wheels while using your board on the road.

Slide in the bearings and attach the wheels.

Slide the bearing to the center of the axle, then position the wheel over the bearing. The bearing should be positioned at the center of the wheel. You should hear a popping sound when you position the wheel and bearing – this would mean that the bearing is securely in.

Secure your wheels using speed washers and nuts.

Fasten your wheels using these parts and test it. Each wheel should be able to spin freely and positioned right. If you see that the wheel is a bit crooked, that means the bearings are not positioned right.

Finally, go out for a test drive.

Try standing on your board and rock it back and forth. Then, try moving it a few steps back and forth. If everything runs smoothly, you can go for a test ride on the street.

Don’t forget to being protective equipment – like helmets, knee pads, and elbow guards – with you, so you can be sure that you don’t get any injuries while you’re on that test drive. Choose only to get skateboarding equipment of the best quality because only they are capable of giving you excellent value for your money.